Meet Veronica Thamaini, Director – Young Changemakers Program

By June 4, 2013 No Comments

During my studies at Strathmore University I had the opportunity to work in the Community Outreach Program. The Community Outreach Program gives students and staff the chance to serve and give back to the community. Through this program, I learned that I am most fulfilled when working to create positive change in society. I was involved in many projects, from distributing food in Lodwar to fundraising for scholarships in Canada. While in Lodwar, I interacted with women and girls who had such great hope in their eyes for a brighter future, but nothing else to hold onto. From this, I was inspired to work with women to give them the skill and knowledge to improve their living standards as individuals and as a society.

As a woman who has led in various capacities, I know how important it is to have the ability to make decisions that leave a positive change in society. This is what inspired me to work with the like-minded women of Akili Dada. I’m here because I want to share my knowledge with young women who will in turn bring positive social change in the country and around the world. I am driven by my belief in the potential of people to do incredible things, and by my passion to create opportunities for people to reach heights as great as they choose.  For me, giving what I have ( big or small ) to someone in need is the most rewarding part of any day.  I am excited to work at Akili Dada because I know that we are giving something great to girls, and I am so happy to be a part of that.

While at Akili Dada, I look forward to being of great assistance in the journey of empowering women to become great decision makers in our society. I hope to learn, grow and develop as a woman, as a leader, and positively transform society both, locally and globally.