Do One Thing to Promote Diversity in Your Organization

By May 17, 2013 No Comments


Organizational culture is created, in large part, by leadership. Without honest reflection and thoughtful planning, we can neglect major elements that add significant value to our organization and work; diversity and inclusion are often those missing pieces. Because Akili Dada recognizes the importance of diversity in organizations, as an organization we are not only working with young women to increase diversity in leadership positions, but we are also instilling those values in our Dadas.

As a proud partner of “Do One Thing for Diversity and Inlcusion” on May 21st, we encourage you to take one of the following actions in your own organization:

1.  Host a discussion within the communities you serve (youth, etc) about why diversity is important.

2.  Create a policy as an organization around how to promote and encourage a more diverse staff, board, and community.

3.  Have a lunchtime discussion with your colleagues about diversity and why it matters.

4.  Publish a blog post on what respecting diversity means.

5.  Invite someone who specializes in diversity and inclusion to run a training with your staff.

6.  Plan a joint activity with other organizations in the your region.

7.  Host a Google Hangout on the topic.

8.  Publish one tweet per hour, starting a few days before May 21st, that focus on diversity.

9.  Generate a video talking about why diversity matters.

10.  Maintain an open mind at ALL times.

Tell us what you’re doing to celebrate, and/or offer more ideas in the comments below!